‘Friends’ of St Stephen’s Church

‘Friends of St Stephen’s Church’ is a new support group started in August 2015 by parishioners. Its purpose is to promote St. Stephen’s historical and cultural events continuing its traditions as an important and valued heritage in the community.

The ‘Friends’ group is now online and open to all who love our Church and support our objectives. We seek positive outcomes with honour and respect for our Heritage. All of which includes having some fun…

Over the past three years, events at St Stephen’s for various reasons have been cancelled. ‘Friends’ have pitched in to bring back some of the traditional get-togethers held at St Stephen’s in our famous welcoming spirit.

Here are just a few of the events we’ve had in the past and could have again with your help. And there must be lots of other activities that would be perfect at St Stephen’s….

Christmas Potluck and sing-a-long

Family Pancake Supper and Movie Night

Country ChristmasA Lunch and Holiday Bake Sale

St Stephen’s Family Celebration – A Fun Night for Families

Annual Spring Faire – All proceeds to Outreach programs


Please let us know your opinions in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section at the bottom of the page. We’ll moderate comments before they appear here, and it’s okay to post anonymously…

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