Annual Sale of Dahlia Tubers and more

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Our annual Sale of Dahlia Tubers, Garage Sale Items and Bake Table

This Year We will also serve a Soup Lunch

Saturday April 17, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Rent Your Own Table for $20.00


The two most important characteristics of dahlias grown for cut flowers are the substance and the stems.

“Substance is the quantity and quality of the component materials in the bloom. It embodies crispness, firmness, stiffness, springiness and toughness of the flower parts.” (From: The Judging of Dahlias in shows and trial gardens. Ward H Cook, authorized and published by the American Dahlia Society.

It is the trait that determines vase life in the cut flowers.

The stem should be strong enough to hold the bloom in position, with length proportional to the size of the bloom.

The dahlias shown have good characteristics with respect to both substance and stems.

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