God on a mountain pass

A couple of years ago we drove down to San Francisco to be with our niece and nephew at Christmas.

We enjoyed the Oregon scenery complete with thundering waves and soaring seagulls. On the way home we had to go through the Cascade Mountains. We had some ill-fitting chains in the trunk of our BM for the rear wheels and for the front the chairs were a better fit.

I feel asleep in the passenger side and when I work up we were slowing snaking our way up the pass in a wintery landscape. We knew we were going to need our chains and would not be allowed through the checkpoint without them.

We got near the top and it was freezing cold. We had to get out and try to put the chains on but my husband cut his hand. Fortunately they had professional chain installers at the top to help those who could pay.

We dug into our pockets and asked for their help. One of the rear chains kept on hitting on the underside of our car and we were worried that it would come off and we would be in big trouble!

We bypassed the police and traffic was at a snail’s pace. I prayed that we would make it over the pass as my husband was driving with a partially hurt hand. In the short distance ahead of us at the top of the pass I saw a big rig pull in front of us.

I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was a large cross on the back of the truck. I felt immediate relief that God was with us in the car.

The semi stayed in front of us until we got down to a safer elevation and after 3 or more hours we were back on dry ground. I’ve never seen another rig with a cross on the back although I looked on my way home.

I praise God for his provision and it is comforting to know he is with us each day and we need to never fear.

Jo Walker

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