“If We Let Him”

“Esther lifted up in the eyes of God and became an instrument for God. Because of her devotion and willingness to listen to the voice of God, she was able to prevent the devastation and destruction of her people. Queen Esther, an instrument of God, used by God, because of her willingness to obey the voice of God.”

I found this pertinent description of Queen Esther’s relationship with her God quoted on the internet by an unknown source. It is interesting that God makes Himself virtually unknown and unseen throughout the book of Esther. However, if one looks for Him, He shows up consistently in these thought-provoking pages of the Old Testament.

Unless we are actively looking for Him, He may be concealed from us today as well. That one extraordinary concept is relative to us in our own world. I think we should make no mistake about it. God’s handprint is everywhere. His handprint is in these fascinating ten chapters; it is imprinted on the fabric of our days.

Faithfully watching for Him allows us to open ourselves up to His sacred prescription for our lives and the lives of others. In that way, we can follow Esther’s lead.

The book of Esther reveals to us that God works through us at every level, wherever we are, in whatever situation we find ourselves, and at whatever given time, in order to live out our holy purpose in His divine providence. Just like the faithful, obedient, courageous, and humble – yet strong – Esther.

This young Queen Esther was a vessel God used at the perfect time and the only place in order to graciously intervene for His people. God went unmentioned in these ancient pages; however, His guiding hand was there at every turn and in every detail.

The Miracle on the Hudson is a modern event where God does not show Himself, but where He most definitely shows up. He showed up when He placed the perfect pilot who knew the perfect procedures at the perfect time for all of the pieces to play out in a positive outcome.

“Everything went right!” was the incredible press release. God was there. If there had been a royal press release in the “Persian Papers” at the time of Queen Esther, it would have read, “Everything went right!” And God was there.

In our everyday world, we may not be asked by God to save a people, nor to save a plane-load of 155 souls. Hadassah never asked to be in the role of Queen Esther.

Captain “Sulley” Sullenberger did not ask to pilot a plane that would lose both engines shortly after takeoff from New York’s LaGuardia airport. But both were ready in the eyes of God. Not all endings are perfect. We know that. Hadassah lost both parents. Not one, but both. And this “queen-to-be” was merely a child.

God saw beyond it all to make everything right according to His perfect plan. He brought a new beginning to what could have been an awful ending . And not just once. Time and again. The young Hadassah and the wise Queen Esther teach us to listen and to be watchful for God’s voice, even when He does not seem to reveal Himself.

We can see this mirrored, on many different levels, in our own lives as well. Time and again. Through lost jobs or lost places or lost people or even lost dreams. If we find a new beginning from an old ending, then God is there. If He reaches down to use us in even the most subtle way, then God is there. In small ways and in big ways. Time and again.

In Exodus, we are told that God will fight for us. If we let Him. He will use us. If we let Him. One thing is certain: He always loves us. Whether we let Him or not.

Diane R., BA, 25 March 2009

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