Louise Rose Bio

Louise Rose, versatile pianist, vocalist, recording artist, composer, motivational speaker, choral conductor, accompanist, teacher, facilitator and caring mentor. . .

. .believes that the first and last words of every day should be “Thank You”.


Photo by Stan Funk

In short, her spiritual philosophy is the philosophy of gratitude.

Musical from a very early age, Louise’s capabilities and interests haven’t exactly been restricted to making music. A native of Norristown Pennsylvania, she has, among other things, been a police officer, a Baptist missionary and a sociology teacher.

But all that changed after she arrived in Victoria in the early 1970’s and fell in love with British Columbia’s capital city.

While in a very real sense it is music that underscores all that Louise does and is, her questing nature has taken her beyond the limits of pure musicianship and into areas of expertise directly and indirectly related to her first love.

Louise believes in positive ways of communicating even the most challenging concepts. She knows that language either elevates or deflates. She consciously chooses to elevate.

Louise Rose and her music are inseparable.

For Louise, music is much more than a vocation; it is, in her own words, the perfect metaphor for life itself. As such it permeates all that she does, while in the process touching the lives of those around her in a supremely positive way.

Louise Rose: Composer and Arranger.

Louise writes original vocal and instrumental music. She arranges for large and small choral ensembles, and in any style you can imagine. She loves to write children’s music, for both children and adults: “The ones who need children’s music more than children.” She writes small ensemble, big band, military, marching band and orchestral music.

Louise Rose is an exciting artist.

Louise Rose is the consummate performer. A talented pianist, vocalist and actress, Louise was formally trained in piano, organ, voice, conducting and arranging. Some of her studies were with Oscar Peterson, Duke Ellington and Leonard Bernstein.

Her presence and her talent are just right for your occasion . . . Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Standards, plus an extensive repertoire of original music. She’ll weave her harmonious web of sounds with her voice and lush piano stylings. The result is velvet and silk. The response is Ahhh!

Louise Rose will perform solo, with her own musicians and/or singers, or with your symphony orchestra. The options available to you are limited only by your imagination!

Louise conducts the 200 voices of the Victoria Good News Choir. The choir is a community choir in the truest sense of the word. All one needs in order to belong to the choir is the desire to sing.

Her philosophy about singing and about much of the rest of life has been passed down to her from her Grandmother. “You are worthy simply because you’re breathing.” Therefore there are no auditions.

Louise coaches the Downbeat Magazine award-winning vocal jazz ensemble Genesis (from Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon). She coaches the Victoria High School Rhythm and Blues Band as well as the students in the Applied Music Programme at Esquimalt Community School in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Louise Rose is a skilled accompanist.

She also teaches accompanying. She believes that accompanying is a time-honoured skill that few people take the time to learn, and that a true accompanist needs to be self-possessed and committed to putting the soloist in the best possible light.

She believes that music has the power to change our lives. The smaller part of her belief is that our longing to sing is also a longing to be accepted as a full participant in “community” – just as we are.

In large part Louise believes that, for many, community is found only through singing and that it is as a result of being accepted in a singing community that many are enabled to venture into participating in other community activities, and so risk making community.

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