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What touches hearts are the stories of peoples’ lives. They certainly touch mine. It is often our stories that connect us and bring us into community. Stories shed a light on our reality showcasing the history of more than just life and death. They add context and colour pouring forth our hopes, dreams, pursuits and passions. In them we are able to trace our genealogical journey through which many people, places and events are intertwined.

The Lenten Season is a time of examining our own unique story in the context of our fullness of time. If we apply a magnifying glass over our length and breadth of years, we come up wanting. Often our history has been full of meandering travels throughout our spiritual life. Meandering thoughts, behaviors and deeds show up in our analysis in almost all aspects of our faith walk. Constant observation detects our failings as well as our faithfulness. The Lenten Season deserves this introspection and, surely, we must be thankful to apply it to our lives.

One can observe the glimpses of our departures from faith and then the incredible, phenomenal perfection when God enters. And it is, indeed, perfection. As God’s powerful perfection is so much more than we can ask or imagine, our observations of these times are imperative. His divine presence, once revealed to us, brings nothing short of joyful glee. This glee, superseding any doubt brought on by our failings, embeds our soul and allows us to sing. Watching for the signs of our departures, as well as our entrance into this divine dance, help us to work for the glory of God as we make our way, mindful of His Triune guidance. Praise God from whom all Blessings flow.

Christ’s story is also rich with colour, texture and passion winding through the same World we inhabit. The stories are for the generations. Cherishing them enriches us as we grow. However, the story of Jesus is truly unlike our combined stories. The story of Jesus is about one true life of perfection. Our crucified Christ reveals a life of perfection in all manner of holiness and love giving us a glimpse of divinity for all ages. Christ’s story wants to bring us along on His journey. Without departures. However, when we do depart, He is there to save us. Because in Jesus’ story we have a Savior.

Our Savior offers us the story of perfect timing when we wait upon Him. “Wait upon the Lord” in the Lenten Season brings us into the perfect protocol of our relationship. It raises us up to bring our stories into better alignment with the pattern of perfection of divinity. In glorifying our Triune God we help to bring the promise of joy and love into our stories. And, isn’t that what the reflection of our 40-day Lenten walk is meant to do? (John 14)

Aligning our Walk with Christ©  by DFRaborn, BA SDG  soli deo gloria

Thank you Diane – St Stephen’s Anglican Church

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