The Crucified Christ ©

The day our Christ died,
A day many cried
For pain He suffered,
Our sins He buffered
From the great divide.

At nine it began
With God’s holy plan,
As pain through the morn
Brought by horror’s scorn
Through time’s wrenching span.

Jesus had been mocked
From hearts that were locked;
Forgiveness he asked,
For those whose hate basked
In hearts where He’d knocked.

The noon sun darkened,
As angels harkened,
With God’s holy hand
Directing the band.
The noon sun darkened.

Passover each year
Came on the lunar.
No chance for eclipse;
But, only God’s scripts
As dark brought awed-fear.

At three our Lord died
As David decried. (Psalm22:16)
The earth offered quakes
For sinful mistakes,
With nowhere to hide.

The curtain now torn
‘Twas why He was born,
Giving us entrance
To His true Presence,
As we are reborn.

‘Twas on the third day
He rose in display
Of God’s awesome love,
Indicative of
Truth’s power essay.

He rose from the dead,
Took our sins instead,
Gave proof to his flock
With keys to unlock
Our hearts. Sins we shed.

The resurrection,
As Christ did mention,
Happened for us all,
Repairing the Fall
By op’ning the wall.

Love we can accept.
His promises kept.
Our souls will endure.
In Him, grow mature.
His love we’re secure;
Love we must accept.

By Diane Raborn  © dfr SDG March 20, 2009

Thank you Diane – St Stephen’s Anglican Church

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