John Eleven Thirty-five ©

Jesus wept and then lives were changed.
Jesus wept as He felt the pain;
Hearing what He could ascertain.
Out of love and care he arranged
For His miracle to sustain~

Jesus wept and heard his friends’ cries.
He wept and heard the peoples’ prayers
And He wept at many heart tears
Of Lazarus’ recent demise,
And Martha and Mary’s despairs.

He knew the perfect plan, God’s plan,
To bring the glory of the Lord
To the suff’ring group He adored.
Holy plan to raise a dead man
Was God’s miracle to record.

For God’s glory through His mercy
Came a miracle from His Soul
With love and wonder to console.
From Divine wisdom and mercy
Came Jesus’ blessings to extol.

Christ showed us His divinity
He showed us the way of wonder,
And through love’s Glory we ponder
The holy, blessed Trinity.
Let nothing tear it asunder.

John Eleven Thirty-five© by DFRaborn, BA
dfr SDG 26 August 2009

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