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I love my brother Don.

Part of loving him is letting him go into God’s care and trusting that God wants the best for him.   Don is schizophrenic and diabetic.   He exists comfortably in his own bachelor apartment and one of his favorite pastimes is to quietly sit and meditate.  To move into this mindset requires a comfortable chair.

st-stephens-teddy-bearThe chair he had up to about 4 months ago was rickety and one arm was worn down to its wood base with stuffing peeking through.

It reminded me of a teddy bear missing one eye.   I always felt saddened when I would see my brother’s lanky frame draped over this honorable but tired little chair.

As a family we decided we wanted help Don.   I went to the Furniture thrift store on 4th Avenue and found a very nice Lazy Boy chair in a durable rose corduroy fabric.  I bought it and my husband put it into the back of our little red truck.

We had no way of contacting my brother because he does not have a phone.   We had no easy way to get the chair out of the truck and into Don’s apartment.  We also weren’t sure of how to dispose of his old chair.  Bruce was worried that we were making a fruitless trip into town.

I told him not to worry and that God would help us because we wanted to help another.

When we pulled into the circular driveway of the apartment complex where Don lives there was the Manager, Lloyd, and he had out a dolly!    I was stunned and inspired by God’s perfect timing.

Lloyd helped us unload the chair onto the dolly and we took it down to my brother’s apartment.   Don wasn’t home so we replaced it and Lloyd offered to discard the teddy bear chair without us even having to ask.

I was very excited and hopeful that Don would like the chair.  He later called from a pay phone to say he was very happy and that he fell asleep in it because it was so comfortable.

Our hearts were stirred by God’s compassion.  Our faith was renewed in realizing that God cares about our daily needs and those of our extended family.

Our Holy Father so deserves to be praised!

Written by J. Walker

May 21, 2009

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