Line in the Sand ©

Jesus stooped down to draw,
To draw a line in sand~
He wrote words with His hand
For those flared with the law;
Judging a young girl’s flaw
He took a noble stand.

The girl was to be stoned
By a band so enraged
In a world that was staged
As angels above groaned,
Restoring faith once loaned
By a Lord so engaged.

Jesus showed each their sin,
Mindful of privacy
With great delicacy~
Mercy and grace therein;
One could hear the dropped pin
Of the hushed crowd within~

Confronted with their sin,
The judgers dropped their stones.
The girl gave crying moans;
Her wretch’d face still fallen,
Sand over eyes and chin
With no friend and no kin.

Crawling to her Savoir,
This bless’d friend who saved her
From a death to deter;
To life He raised the bar
With hope and faith, blazed star.
Our Lord, kept close not far.

Our Lord, keep close not far
And changed lives will occur.
Closely, to Him confer
Bringing Him ev’ry scar
In our cracked and stained jar;
His love we now prefer.

Crawling to our Savoir
Is a daily event
Which calls us to repent.
Our woes to Him present;
That is what He’s here for~
For all our sins He bore.
True Triune heaven sent.

by Diane Raborn, B.A.
dfr SDG  03/03/09

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