A Poem of the Lord’s Grace ©

Dear Lord, full of grace.
We come to You in praise today.
We bow before You as we pray
In Your holy place.
Please forgive our sins, our disgrace.

We come today to worship You
In adoration
Of Your creation,
Seeking Your embrace to renew.
A search which is long overdue.

Grace, we’ve watched in awe and wonder
Amazed we tremble
Let us assemble,
Together Your name we ponder,
Growing much closer and fonder.

It is through grace that we’re received.
It is through grace that we’re relieved.
Receiving Your grace
Relieving disgrace.
Our shouts to Heaven: “we believed”!

Your Word ev’ry day,
Melts our hearts away.
Knowing about You from Your Word
Is much better than what we heard.
How can we not trust and obey?

It is through believing in You
That we can follow ever true
In discipleship
And learn to equip
Our path here on Earth, our debut.

We pray our faith You to increase.
Our pride, we pray You to release.
Lord, we pray daily.
God, we try daily.
Yearning for Your love, hope, and peace.

It is to our awed amazement
That we hear your voice
And run to rejoice
In Your precious love each moment
From the Heavens sent.

© dfr soli Deo gloria 5 January 2010
By DFRaborn, BA SDG

Submitted to St Stephen’s Anglican Church

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