When Our Time Comes to Meet Jesus ©

When our time comes to meet Jesus,
What can we say? What will we say?
What will our hearts with Him discuss?
What will our Souls want to convey?
Will we then bow our heads and pray?

He’ll bring us to that place of love
When our time comes to meet Jesus
A place filled with Spirit above
Where tears dissolve and there’s no fuss,
Will we praise and worship Jesus?

When we come to that holy place
Will we enter His gates with praise?
Will we come and adore His face
From in His arms and in His gaze?
With awesome wonder to amaze.

When our time arrives to meet Him,
Will our heart be filled so faithful
With the Spirit crammed to the brim
In our journey ever truthful,
In our HeartSouls ever youthful?

Will we want to ask hard questions?
Will we want to remember all,
In light of holy suggestions.
And our Father’s love to enthrall.
Shall we want to have Him recall?

When our time comes to meet Jesus,
What will we say and do for Him?
When that time comes for all of us
Will our hearts be filled to the rim
With a light that is bright or dim?

Jesus! Jesus! I adore You!
I will shout it when I touch Him
Jesus! I’ll want to stay with You!
My Soul yearns against heavy grim
To come before Him with a hymn.

For all come short of His Glory.
Since time o’er this is human’s plight.
It’s our walk that is our story,
In a journey I will invite
My Lord to join with trust ignite.

When our time comes to meet our Lord
Our story continues to play.
We’ll be called home for our reward,
And be with Him to love and pray
In healed souls, His grace on display.

by DFRaborn BA
30 October 2009 SDG

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