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I am reflecting upon the marvelous weekly Bible study group that my 86-year old mother and I regularly attend. We are welcomed and feel refreshed every Wednesday morning between 9 and 11am. During each season this spiritual break has proved to be a ‘God-send’. For so many reasons, this is just what the doctor, our Heavenly Physician, has ordered.

This, our Heavenly Physician has brought all of the supplies from His medicine cabinet to both comfort and guide us through our group and studies here at Bethel Lutheran. We have come to expect exemplary care. And, He never fails to deliver. We are awed every time.

We are awed and amazed, particularly as women. It humbles us both as mother and daughter, as well as individual women wanting to have an impact upon our lives, families, and culture. Humbled, awed and amazed, we turn our full attention to Jesus.

Jesus came in quite a revolutionary manner, particularly when He walked among women. He not only walked among women, He talked with women giving them full recognition, dignity, and credence. This was, indeed, revolutionary in the culture of the day. In many parts of the world, it would be considered revolutionary today.

At the time our Lord walked upon the Earth, a rabbi was often heard saying during prayers: “Praise God, I was not born a woman”. Imagine. I can only feel gratitude and love toward a triune God who brings this kind of massive hope and change to all humanity through His Word, Truth and Light in the Name of Jesus Christ. Because as we all know, what is good and right for mothers, daughters, women and girls, lifts up the generations. “Praise God, I’m a woman”.

Yes. “Praise God, I’m a woman!” This weekly woman’s study group helps women to grow in the passing of seasons. Whether one is a twenty or thirty-something with or without children in tow; an empty-nester with more time on her hands; or an octogenarian who can teach us wisdom and life lessons, this Wednesday gathering brings together a full medley of spiritual gifts. Through guidance, camaraderie, and a whole lot of learning, growth becomes a blessing. These women often laugh together, sometimes cry together and always pray together. “Praise God I’m a woman!”

It is an interesting fact that while women were not legally allowed to be a witness during the time of Christ, they were witnesses at the Cross and the first to witness the Resurrection. Jesus introduced a revolutionary relevance for women and a spiritual freedom not before known. It is available today. And it raises us up. As such, we can shine the light of our Lord into all our spaces impacting our very world. “Praise God, I’m a woman!”

© Diane Raborn dfr 30 June 2009 SDG

Thank you Diane – St Stephen’s Anglican Church

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