An Abiding Love

To put on paper my thoughts of testimony for a Triune God is a privilege that bears witness to a merciful and Almighty Lord. A Savior whose love is so grand and so sweet that it transforms souls and lives. A Savior who loves with an abiding love.

Running through the construction hazards of several terminals of Logan International Airport in early June of 2001, I became overwhelmed at the prospect of being late to see my sister. She was dying of inflammatory breast cancer, having been diagnosed in mid-October. Her husband had called one evening to say her time was near. I got a ticket within half an hour and flew out the next morning from Western Canada to Bangor, Maine. I was flying through Minneapolis with a carrier change in Boston.

God knew my heart as He always does. Sitting beside me on the flight out was a minister whose words were pertinent and comforting for this situation. And he prayed with me ‘ for whatever would come my way ‘. This would prove to be timely.

My flight in Minneapolis was delayed by four hours with no chance of an earlier transfer. It seemed certain that I would now miss my connector and was devastated. Finally arriving at the airport terminal counter in Boston, I was told to wait in a cordoned-off area to be transported to a bus station for a five-hour ride the next morning to Bangor.

God spoke to my heart precisely. With confusion around me, and after desperately trying to explain my situation, I, uncharacteristically, leapt over the high, bright orange ropes and raced through Terminal E toward my designated flight in Terminal A. Not knowing where I was going and having been assured my flight had left. Running as I called out for instructions from strangers. Running amidst their shouting of shuttle numbers. Running through construction tunnels. Running and crying. “Keep running,” said a calm, strong inner voice. “Run anyway.” And so I did. Resolved, for no other reason than I felt I must. Finally, two shuttles and four terminals later, I rushed to the counter of my original ‘puddle-jumper’ flight. They had just loaded and welcomed me aboard. They, too, had been delayed.

My sister, Judy, was holding on and waiting for me. I’m not sure she could have waited any longer. God knew. And as always, His timing is perfect.

None of my sister’s books had been unpacked since she was diagnosed the very day she moved into her newly-built dream house. There was no Bible or prayer book anywhere in sight. “Dear Lord” I prayed, “please help me find sufficient words to say.” Words of prayers my sister and I said as young girls flowed out of my mouth along with the 23rd Psalm, something I could never have done without His guidance.

The minister’s prayers ‘ for whatever would come my way ‘ were a blessing. God shows Himself through others in order to connect us with His divinity. And He speaks to us in our times of adversity. It is in times of listening that our testimonies bear fruit.

Thank you, dear Lord.

© Diane R. 29August 2010

Thank you Diane – St Stephen’s Anglican Church

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