Christ in my Life

My earliest memories of God and Christ: my identical twin sister, Julia, and me kneeling by our bed to say our prayers. Our father was a career army officer so we moved often.

We were in Vermont at our maternal grandfather and grandmother’s house when we learned our beloved Uncle Ed had just died of polio. Two weeks shy of his wedding to a lovely woman and just 27 years old. We were just 3 years old then and now, at aged 86, it seems like yesterday!

Ed, who was tall and slender and lit up a room when he entered, is scooping us up in his arms. I know now that Christ was there with us all in those heavy days, helping to ease the sorrow we all felt. How remarkable that I now sleep in the walnut bed that Ed had bought and stored with his family in anticipation of his new life with his beloved Marion. All those years my twin and I prayerfully remembered our Uncle Ed.

We always attended the Episcopal Church and when students at William and Mary I fell in love with a P-38 pilot during WW11 and married him 6 months later. I felt God’s hand and Jesus’ love as we found a priest from St. John the Divine in NYC to marry us at The Christopher Wren Chapel on campus. He was taking a course at the College and was the only priest available. My dad was in the European Theatre on that special day in 1944. We were blessed with 2 precious daughters.

Julia’s husband was totally blinded, serving as a Lt. in the combat engineers in Burma. Again, I felt God’s loving arms sustaining us. I watched as Julia’s husband, Gene, brought each problem to Christ and as he gratefully thanked him when blessings poured in and even when they didn’t.

The night before he died he received a perfect score in cribbage, something that had always alluded him. When everyone came back from his funeral, the 40-foot holly tree that had never bloomed was all abloom for everyone to see. I will never forget that as long as I live. I felt Jesus there with us.

When my daughter, Diane, was deathly ill with nephritis at the age of 5, we were led to just the right doctor who could provide the eventual healing of her body in what would be a long recovery. God’s ever-present light was over our family in ways that are even more evident now.

I have felt God’s love, never more than now, as I live with Diane and her husband and have the special love of her two grown sons. I am so grateful that I have the comfort of Jesus; the love of God.

Frances F.

Thank you Frances – St Stephen’s Anglican Church

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