At this Time ©

We can not rest now at this time in our Church’s life
A time that affects us all as a community and as an Island.
An Island needing St Stephen’s guiding, loving hand
To cut these days’ darkness with an everlasting knife,
Creating an arena for His presence so grand.
Let’s raise our heads to the Light during our time of strife.

The power of His Word said aloud for faith’s true cause
Brings harmonious contemplation into the mix.
Stretching in relationship flying past Moses’ laws,
We bow our heads longing for an end to these conflicts
With heartfelt prayer and heartfelt praise, hearing You we pause.
Searching in Your Word, list’ning to Your saints, You transfix.

So we seek Your answers, crying out to You above,
And, we beseech You to help us hear Your divine voice.
The Island’s at stake; it’s falling to some cults void of
Christ’s way, His truth, His life. Toward His Glory we rejoice.
The Church must carry on the heritage of His love.
It’s a matter of concern synod makes the right choice.

We can not rest now at this time in our Church’s life
So we will press on regardless in a prayerful stance
Knowing that with our Lord possibility is rife.
Thus, we kindly wait upon Him before we advance.
Patiently waiting, hoping, yearning, all without strife,
For our omniscient God who allows us into His divinity dance

© Diane Raborn, soli deo gloria

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