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“Tomorrow can be an elusive time for many. All of our tomorrows add up to expressions of precious life and should be guarded by the divinity of His presence.” dfr

The World is going to end on May 21st this year. This is according to the latest reports I’ve heard. Or is it the Mayan calendar that is right when we hear December 12, 2012 repeatedly tossed around? Or what about in the Summer of 1962 in the mountains of North Carolina when cardboard cut-outs read: “The World will end, the World will end tomorrow, get ready~”

I am more inclined to believe those scratched-out torn pieces of cardboard from rugged, humbled, often toothless, old men standing outside the county courthouse.

But, in reality, none of us know the exact timing of the end of the World. Nor, in my opinion, should we contemplate or concern ourselves with spreading eschatological or endtime dates.

God clearly says that we will not know the day or the time. Jesus makes a point to tell us that He doesn’t know. Nor do the angels. Jesus does say that we should be ‘awake at the switch’, however, and avoid complacency. “Ever watchful” is the wording, I recall. “Mindful”, like the homeowner preventing the thief from entering. That kind of preparedness.

Dates placed into our psyche, even from experts who do nothing but analyze and evaluate all sources, seem to create a false presumption that we are in charge. This presumptive idea certainly presents more questions than answers. At the very least, definitive eschatological dates for human consumption are overwhelmingly confusing.

The fact is that God is in charge and has always been in charge. So trying to play God removes us farther away from our relational position with a loving Father.

Let’s just say that we knew. And agreed that we knew in a global consensus. How would human beings react? How would you and I respond?

In the logic of CS Lewis, shall we count the ways?

First, there are some who would pro-actively party, or shop, ‘til they dropped in the ever-present theory: ‘the one who dies with the most toys wins.’

Second, cruelty towards those less fortunate in order to ensure and protect ones best position would exist on many levels.

Third, many would be remain in ‘benevolent oblivion’ and ‘benign neglect’. The ‘if I don’t acknowledge the truth, it doesn’t exist’ theory. ‘So be it.’

Fourth, people would prepare and ready their hearts, minds and Souls through prayers, reflection, repentance and mental awareness in the manner that God requested through His Son.

And in the continued ethical logic of Lewis, only one spot is found to be correct.

My mind catapults in reverse to the misty, fog-ridden mountain mornings that occupied the Summer of 1962, the time when the World was to come crashing down upon all in my life. The ‘end of days’ signs were so primitive that I think many had been scrawled with coal. But, there was a special ring to them that rang true. Any child who had been called out of the area lake by a lifeguard’s whistle notifying him or her to ‘get out’ for the removal of snakes, knew that the World could end at anytime. And knowing this was a good thing.

The World was to end on Monday, February 28, 2011 for my husband and myself. At 6:33pm. It would happen on a particularly dangerous spot as we entered the relatively new Anthony Henday Highway. An engineering dropout must have designed the angle of the entrance and the snow barrier blurred all lines of vision. Everything pointed to “gunning it” and my 2006 Buick Allure was ready. “Gun it”, I thought. And then, ever so calmly and ever so firmly, came a voice not my own: “pull over, Diane. Pull over to the right and stop. Now.” I knew that couldn’t be right, I needed to “floor it” and get this Buick going.

The inner voice nudging me ruled that day. I obeyed. Because of this, my husband and I lived to tell about it. You see, the largest truck, as only seen in Alberta, whished by exactly where we would have been. A hair away. So close, that we both knew we had been saved. And it was so surreal that it embedded our Souls. Once again, we knew we had heard the voice of divinity, the voice of life, and followed. Is this in part what “ever watchful, ever mindful” means?

Living as if the World will, indeed, end on May 21st or even December 12th, 2012 may be deceitful. Perhaps we should live as if the World will end tomorrow. Ever mindful. For as any 12 -year old knows, you may not make it out of the lake! ©

DFR 7th March 2011 Diane Raborn

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