Come back, ya know ©

Ya know, He wrote a book.
It’s time to take a look
At what God has written
I’m sure you’ll be smitten
With your foundations shook.

You’re young; you’re old; you’re prime~
So, isn’t now the time?
Your Lord, He will listen;
And, He will re-christen.
It won’t cost you a dime.

I’m sure of this one thing:
All woes to your Lord bring.
He will help you to heal.
You’ll be able to feel
Love, hope, faith, ev’rything.

Don’t hurry up to wait;
Though it’s never too late
To open the pages
And ponder the sages
From work He did create.

So, what is keeping you?
What takes your hours in lieu
Of spending time each day?
Spiritual bouquet~
Try investing a few.

You will feel the power.
You will feel the shower
Of God’s mercy and grace,
As it spreads an embrace
For you to empower.

Come or come back, ya know~
He’s calling to bestow
A grand and mighty plan
For you and yours to span,
As life and love does flow,
God’s plan, from time began~

by DRaborn, BA
© drf Soli Deo Gloria 18 August 2008

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